Raw cashews have less fat than most nuts. Cashews supply 65% unsaturated fats, with 90% in the form of oleic acid, ideal for energy and reduced cholesterol.

Cashews supply omega 6, 8 g with a trace of omego 3. Roasted cashews are nice but the increase in free radicals is a problem, however, the rich supply of the trace mineral copper 2.2 mg will help protect against such problem.

One handful of cashews will supply a full daily dose of copper, essential for the heart muscles, iron and fat metabolism, plus enzymes that provide flexibility to movable joints, blood vessels and bones.

Cashews are a complete protein food, but low in phenylalanine and methionine. To gain protein balance, add a few almonds and one brazil nut, with an apple for a perfect protein snack.

Nearly 40% of the daily protein from one handful. Cashews are rich in magnesium 70% d.v. phosphorus 60% d.v.

Cashews are soft – great for children and everybody. Cashews are worth their weight in organic copper and brain minerals, plus their pure energy value is wonderful.