Macadamia nuts are soft inside, full of monounsaturated lipids, 60 g from a total 76 g with polyunsaturated 3 g and saturated 13 g, but, no cholesterol and no risk of free radicals, unless they are really roasted.

Macadamia nuts raw, are the richest nut source of monounsaturated lipids. They are nearly a unique source of polmitoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that assists in fat metabolism. This will help the body to use the fat efficiently as an energy source. Macadamia nuts supply 6% more oleic acid than olive oil. Macadamia nuts contain vitamin e 1 mg plus flavonoids that provide antioxidant benefits and combined with the good supply of copper 38% d.v., the antioxidant power is increased.

Macadamia nuts provide a fair supply of fibre 9 g or 36% d.v. or 136% more than meat or fish. Macadamia nuts make a perfect addition to a fruit salad, or a garden salad, no need for an oil dressing, unless it’s a splash of delightful macadamia oil. Macadamia are a complete protein food 8 g or 16% d.v. match the common meat meal. A few macadamia’s go a long way to satisfy the appetite, unsalted are best, nutritionally. When you need a big energy boost, macadamia nuts are cracked up for the job.