Walnuts are a valuable food for many reasons, the excellent supply of omega 3, 5.5 g is unique, as most nuts and foods supply none or only a trace amount of omega 3. Walnuts are the richest nut source of both the ‘essential fatty acids’. Walnuts are an omego 3 treat as they need no cooking and therefore the oils are at their maximum effectiveness with their good supply of biotin 1.3 mcg which assists fat metabolism.

Walnuts are a good source of folate 98 mcg, more than spinach and as folate is heat sensitive. the walnut wins the race, especially during pregnancy, as folate is essential for development of babies, plus the good iron content 3 mg and protein supply 15 g or 30% d.v, all promote healthy growth of babies. The rich supply of polyunsaturated lipids 47 g helps to lower cholesterol. Walnuts are a good source of phosphorus 346 mg or 35%d.v. plus magnesium I58 mg or 40% d.v, both required for the brain and in addition the great supply of omega 3, as brain cells or neurons need omega 3. It promotes a flexible and fluid transfer of nutrients within brain cells and is vital for the development of the infants brain.

Walnuts are the best look-alike brain food on the planet. The human brain is composed of 60% fat and ideally, for maximum brain power, it is best made up from omega 3 fats. Give your brain a regular top up with walnut oil. The iron content plus manganese 3 mg, plus copper 2 mg is great for blood building and the zinc 3 mg is vital for hormone production and development of children’s bones.

Walnuts on toast with honey is simple, sweet, inexpensive and full of omego 3’s plus mother and baby benefits. Walnuts are one of the first steps you can take for your baby. Walnuts are the best balanced nut.